Alcohol and Drug Problems

Alcohol and increasingly drug use are incredibly common in our society. 

So much of people’s social lives revolve around alcohol and it is everywhere; sport, advertising, bars, barbeques, it’s everywhere and is often seen a right. However, in recent times alcohol has become increasingly the focus of government policy because the negative costs to society of alcohol and drug use is nothing but staggering. 

Of course many people use alcohol and drugs in moderation and they often cause very little negative impact on a person’s life. Many people enjoy alcohol and drugs with friends and family and use them responsibly. That said, there is increasing evidence that even moderate amounts of alcohol use can cause long term health issues, and of course some people use alcohol to avoid facing other issues in their life. 

A Clinical Psychologist can help you better understand the role of alcohol or drugs in your life, and help you understand the benefits and disadvantages. In the end the Clinical’s Psychologist’s role is to help you move I the direction of the life you want, and that may involve understanding where alcohol or drugs fits in with that.